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Day 19: Rest Day In Ackerly, Texas

0 Miles - Laid on Kennedy Couch Much of the Day; Visited Knott, TX and Vealmoor, TX - March 10, 2011

Resting On The Couch For Much Of The Day
Steve on Couch

Last night I spent much of the evening on the Kennedy's cozy brown couch in their living room. Exhausted, I went to bed at 8:15 p.m. and the family watched a movie. In the morning, they apologized if they made any noise, but I didn't hear a thing. I rarely did. I slept like a tank as usual.

In the morning, after Glenda made breakfast, everyone left the house - Sean and Glenda to their jobs at the high school (they walk to work), and Leyna to school. I had the house to myself. What did I do? Nothing. I sat horizontally on that couch and used Glenda's laptop for much of the day. I didn't feel guilty or lazy for doing nothing for so long. My body kept "soaking in" the stationary position. Ahhhh! :)

Ackerly, Texas

Ackerly, Texas

Around 2 p.m, Glenda was done with work and gave me a driving tour of Ackerly and two nearby towns.

Good ol' Ackerly, Texas. When you get to the junction of Highway 87 and Texas Farm Road 2002, you're there!

Ackerly, TX Post Office Glenda at the town post office. :)
Texas Oil Pump Jack An oil pump jack.

Knott, Texas

And then we drove to Knott. This town is even smaller than Ackerly.

Knott, Texas
Some kind of abandoned store and/or garage in the heart of Knott. Knott, TX
I think this is a cotton gin, located on the west edge of town.
This massive tractor was the highlight! Large Tractor

Vealmoor, Texas

Vealmoor, Texas

Eleven miles east of Ackerly is Vealmoor.

Vealmoor, Texas An abandoned grocery store that held the post office.
West Texas Scenery Two pump jacks on the plains.

Extra Photos

When we returned, Glenda invited me to a track meet happening at Sands High School. (Sean is a coach of many teams, including track.) I declined, being perfectly content to lay on that couch, mainly watching TV and catching up on Facebook and Twitter on Glenda's laptop.

Then, after 90 minutes, I thought maybe I should be social. On my first cross-country ride, my day off with the Kennedys included a girls' high school basketball playoff game. Maybe a track meet would be an opportunity to take more pictures, at least.

Well, the track meet (adjacent photo) seemed like a lot of standing around with little activity. No exciting races were happening around the track, and the long jump seemed to take forever. I hung in there for awhile, but eventually I left and returned to that beautiful brown couch! :)

West Texas Track Meet
In the evening, Glenda made me real apple juice with a green apple through her juicer. Glenda's Juicer Gleen Apple Juice
Chili for dinner. Pretty darn good. :)

Texas Chili

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