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Day 21: Snyder, TX to Haskell, TX

89 Miles - Bicycle Ride On The Texas Plains; Roby TX; Anson TX; Stamford TX and Haskell TX - March 12, 2011

Texas Wind Turbines
Wind turbines east of Snyder, Texas.
Another day on the Texas plains ...

In the morning, westerly tailwinds helped. I was riding well and felt like this could be a good cycling day.

Roby, Texas

Roby, Texas

Twenty Dollars

Roby, Texas

I crossed into Fisher County, Texas and entered Roby, the county seat, at 32 miles. This is another very underpopulated county, with 673 people based on the 2000 U.S. Census.

I rested at a gas station / convenience store. With my drinks and food, I sat against the building with the bike beside me. This seemed like a happening place for this small town. A few people pumped gas. Then one older man in cowboy attire engaged in a conversation about my ride. He encouraged me that I had chosen the right time of year to bike through Texas.

He asked, "Do you need money?"

I laughed and said, "How do you answer a question like that?"

He pulled a $20 bill out of his wallet and put it in my hand. "Wait a minute!" I shouted. But he quickly walked away with a smile and drove off in his red pick-up truck. :)

Note: I recently stumbled upon these videos of a man who rode his horse across America. He camped sometimes and had a large motor home with his wife and kids supporting him. The guy is an interesting character. His videos are down-to-earth and entertaining! :)

Snyder, TX to Roby, TX

His day in Roby, TX.
Wide Load I was having a good day as it was, but the $20 gesture had me even more happy.

Giddy, I snapped a shot of this wide load truck coming in the opposite direction. I even waved at him!

Once again I snuck onto the smooth grooves a few times. If only I could bike on pavement like this the entire way!
Onward I rode on Highway 180 toward Anson.

The wind's direction had changed. It was coming more from the northwest, even north-northwest (NNW) sometimes, but still a tailwind ever so slightly. I felt good physically, the shoulder was clean and I probably had some elevation descent as I continued into the heartland.

Anson, Texas

Anson, Texas

I reached Anson by 1 p.m. This town was today's "safe destination," as there was plenty of lodging. However, it was too early, and I had a perfect situation down the road. From here, my route turned north on Highway 277 that had many towns with lodging. Stamford, 16 miles away, had motels. Then, I could go another 15 miles to Haskell, another town with motels.

I rested and ate at the Dairy Queen in Anson, then went on my way.

Texas Plains State Highway 277 travels north and northeast toward Wichita Falls. I know ... if you look at a map, you'll notice I was not making a direct route to the Atlantic Ocean. This turn was the start of a northerly swing so I could see friends in Little Rock and Memphis. :)

The extra distance didn't matter much to me, but turning my trajectory did! From Anson to Stamford, the road travels north-northeast (NNE). And do you remember the way the wind was going? Yes, from the northwest to north-northwest (NNW). Those gusts had become a headwind at a 45+ degree angle. Ahhhh!

Stamford, Texas

Stamford, TX

Stamford, Texas

I probably would have stayed in Stamford, but I saw only one dingy motel that I didn't feel good about on the north end of Highway 277's business route.

And so I rested at another convenience store on the northern edge of Stamford. The winds were troublesome, but I knew what I had to do ...

Texas Plains ... I went for it! 15 more miles to Haskell.

For the most part, I had an easy ride from Snyder to Anson, then an average ride from Anson to Stamford. But the ride took a sudden turn on this stretch. The winds tore into me!

I passed a sign that read Haskell was eleven miles away, but I was only cycling at eight to nine miles per hour. That meant an entire hour on this road with wind blasting me!

I definitely experienced fatigue. Even brief moments of wooziness. Still, I hung in there.

Cactus Prickly pear cactus beside a road marker.

Haskell, Texas

Haskell, Texas
If you're biking across America and coming through Haskell, note there are TWO motels in town, not one. The first is a more expensive franchise on Highway 380 (east of the traffic light). The second is the Haskell Inn, located a short distance south of the traffic light and town square. I've stayed here twice and really like this place for their affordable rates and quality rooms.

Their website is www.haskellinn.com.

89 miles. I was proud of myself. Those winds roughed me up in those final miles to Haskell.

Haskell has sentimental value to me, because I stayed here three years ago on my first cross-country trip. I stayed at the same motel and ate at the same Dairy Queen too. From here, my route continued northeast and I'd stay north of my previous 2008 route for the remainder.

By the way, it seemed I could correctly say I was no longer in west Texas. This was more like north central Texas. Moving along ... Keep moving along, Steve! :)

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