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Day 27: Durant, OK to Valliant, OK

77 Miles - Moving Along In Southern Oklahoma; Boswell, OK; Hugo, OK & Valliant, OK - March 18, 2011

Highway 70 Oklahoma The extra rest and sleep in Durant seemed to help, for today would be a good cycling day.

My first picture was taken east of Durant.

Crowley's Quick Stop


Blue, Oklahoma

Highway 70 runs through a string of small southeast Oklahoma towns spaced every six to eight miles.

I briefly stopped at Crowley's Quick Stop in tiny Blue, Oklahoma. :)

Bokchito, OK

Bokchito, Oklahoma

Bokchito, Oklahoma

If I had a pet rooster, I'd name it Bokchito! I love that name! :D

The shoulder and road quality decayed in town ...

Highway 70 Oklahoma ... and it got worse upon leaving town!

The crumbling asphalt on the shoulder was unrideable, and so I cycled on the white line for about five miles. Thankfully all drivers were courteous.

Bennington, Oklahoma

Bennington, Oklahoma

The terrible road conditions ended near Bennington. Not much existed on the highway besides a general store.

Dixie Cafe Motel An advertisement for a motel in Boswell, Oklahoma. Like the motel in Ringling, note there's a motel in Boswell that's not listed on the Internet if you happen to do this route.
Boswell, OK Store

Boswell, Oklahoma

At a store in Boswell, I noticed a small rusted two wheel bike of some kind. It looked like it had been sitting there for years!

After doing some research, I learned this is a kids bicycle made by a company called Hedstrom in Massachusetts. In 1915, the company began to produce tricycles. (Read more here.) As for the year of this bike, I currently do not know. Research pending.

Highway 70 Oklahoma At 52 miles, I rested and ate at a Taco Mayo in Hugo. Even though Hugo is the largest populated city in the region, I failed to capture a picture of it. Sometimes that would happen when I was focused on navigating through a busy city.

The adjacent picture was somewhere on Highway 70, either before or after Hugo.

Valliant Paper Mill

Logging Truck

Kings Inn

Valliant, Oklahoma

Onward I continued in extreme southeast Oklahoma. At Valliant, I called it a day at the Kings Inn at 77 miles. As a town, Valliant had little to offer, but I didn't mind. I was so upbeat about crossing into Arkansas tomorrow.

By the way, I noticed many logging trucks east of Hugo, and as I came closer into Valliant, there were many bark chippings on the shoulder. It turns out Valliant is the site of the Weyerhaeuser Paper Mill. On an evening walk, I snapped shots of the paper mill, a logging truck and the oh so pretty lights of my motel. :)

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