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Day 30: Rest Day In Hot Springs, AR and Little Rock, AR

0 Miles - Slept In; Drove Around Hot Springs; Arkansas Tweet-Up In North Little Rock - March 21, 2011

Hot Springs National Park, AR Only my third full day off in 30 days, I slept in. Excluding the continental breakfast in the lobby, I was in bed until 11:30 a.m. My body had no spark. My lower back still hurt, but it was slowly getting better.

Dinner last night with Kelly was fun, but I teetered on falling asleep a couple of times. I winced and groaned any time I stood up, sat down, got in a car, got out of a car, etc. I apologized to Kelly for how tired I was, and how it hurt my conversation skills, but she understood.

I did go on a short walk on Grand Avenue. Near the motel was this sign for the Hot Springs National Park Visitor Center.

Dodge's Store

Dodge's Store

Dodge's Coffee

Dodge's Fried Chicken

I walked to a Dodge's Fried Chicken store.

Folks, Dodge's has to have the very best spread of delicious to-go foods among any convenience store in Arkansas, including their renouned fried chicken. And it's a gas station too! "Feed your car and feed your face." Even though I only bought a bean burrito and decaf coffee, I do recommend this place on East Grand Avenue in Hot Springs.

This ain' no regulah plac' ta fill up yur truck. Y'all look at awwwl t'at friiiieed chicken 'nsahd!
(Done in my best accent.)

Below is an excellent tribute to Dodge's Fried Chicken & Gasoline by the Eating With George blog:

Direct link:
Eating With George's Write-Up On Dodge's

Spring Blooms Beautiful spring blossoms.

Around this time, my body sent strong signals that it did not want to walk or stand anymore. I immediately went back to the motel and laid down for another 90 minutes.

Hot Springs, Arkansas Kelly came by in the afternoon and we drove around Hot Springs, including downtown.
Hot Springs National Park, AR

Hot Springs National Park, AR

Hot Springs National Park

We entered Hot Springs National Park and drove on scenic roads on small mountains.

Nice view of Hot Springs and some surrounding hills in that second photo.

Arkansas Razorbacks Shirts

McCain Mall - North Little Rock, AR

In the evening, Kelly and I arrived in North Little Rock with time to kill, and so we walked around the McCain Mall. (No relation to John)

At a kiosk, we noticed this wide assortment of Razorbacks baseball shirts. Impressive, but that was only the beginning ...

Arkansas Razorbacks Gift Store

Anti-LSU Shirt

... We then found this large Razorbacks store. Imagine, for one moment, seeing the following all in one place:

Razorback shirts
Razorback clocks
Razorback chairs
Razorback stuffed animals
Razorback baby bibs
Razorback bumper stickers
Razorback mugs
Razorback flags
Razorback lamps
Razorback golf balls
Razorback cookie jars
Razorback umbrellas

And so much more!

Talk about being in *HOG PARADISE!*

And to my friends in Louisiana, I love y'all, but this shirt got it right! :D

Arkansas Tweet-Up Y'all In North Little Rock
Arkansas Tweet-Up
The highlight of the day happened right here at the Chili's in North Little Rock.

We had a tweet-up with seven Twitter users and their guests. We had such a Twitterful time, didn't we? :)

From left to right, going around the table, that's Bekah, Garry (@boxxbuildings), Faye, Risa (@risalea), Ty (@8ty4), Lucas, Maddy [she's behind Meagan], Meagan, myself (@stevegarufi) and Kelly (@kellyfoshee).

Pictures Of Us Eating
Bekah Garry Kelly and Ty Maddy
Lucas Meagan Risa Steve

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