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Day 36: Collierville, TN to Walnut, MS

47 Miles - Frigid Day For Cycling; North Mississippi Scenery On Highway 72 - March 27, 2011

Leaving Collierville

Me leaving the Smith's driveway. I feel honored that they sounded somber. :)

Mississippi State Line

Mississippi State Line

The Mississippi state line was only seven miles away.

Seven states down, three to go!

Shell Station

Myself with my coffee and green apple Mentos.

Mississippi Local Radar

Cold Day

Although the precipitation had ended, the conditions remained cold and breezy. The temperature on my cyclometer fluctuated between 41 and 43 degrees. The humidity in the air made the it feel worse - a cold that chilled me to the bone. As I biked on Highway 72 in north Mississippi, my toes were very uncomfortable (even wearing double socks) and my hands and fingers kept numbing with that awful "pins and needles" effect. All I wanted to do was find a convenience store so I could get inside for awhile!

I got my wish at a Shell station in Mt. Pleasant, Mississippi. I had only gone 13 miles, but I figured I'd rest, drink hot coffee and wait things out. I watched a large television screen that had the current local radar, hoping the temperature would rise even a few degrees.

By the way, whenever you see me wearing that yellow pullover, you know that it was cold.

Highway 72 Mississippi I waited at that gas station for only so long. The temperature never really warmed, although in the latter end of the ride, it was in the 46 to 48 degree range. Every increase by one degree was appreciated!

Near Slayton, MS, the shoulder disappeared. I biked as far right as I could on the pavement.

Horses At about 30 miles, I stopped to rest and eat. Three beautiful horses in a nearby field came running toward me. They were so curious about who I was! :)
Corn Dog A corn dog at a store near Hopewell.
Walnut, MS Motel

Neat story: Next to the motel was a Subway restaurant. Long ago, I had used most of the $50 Subway card Victoria Ring had given me. Well, I decided to eat at Subway anyway, and I gave the card to the worker at the counter. "I think there's a dollar or two on there," I said. She ran the card and said $42 was on it. "Yeeeeeeees!" I yelled in triumph. What I learned was Victoria tracked my Subway card usage and when I was running out, she refilled it with more cash. This generous friend would refill my card a third and fourth time too.

Thank you Victoria! I ate so many more times at Subway because of you! :)

Walnut, Mississippi

And then I arrived at a motel in Walnut, Mississippi. Originally I hoped to reach Corinth, but 47 miles in cold conditions like this was pretty good.

NOTE: I invite you to read my book about my first trip in 2008.

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