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Day 37: Walnut, MS to Tuscumbia, AL

75 Miles - Cycled Through Corinth, MS and Iuka, MS; Alabama State Line - March 28, 2011

Mississippi Scenery Continuing across Highway 72 in northern Mississippi.
Corinth, Mississippi

Corinth, Mississippi

23 miles brought me to Corinth. The weather was warmer than yesterday, but as you can see, I still wore my yellow pullover with two layers underneath.

I had a nice talk with this young woman behind the counter of the Exxon convenience store. :)

Cairo, Mississippi I biked through Glen, MS and approached this sign near Burnsville, MS.

Huh? I thought Savannah was in Georgia and Cairo was in both Egypt and Illinois! :p)

Alabama State Line I rested at a Jack's restaurant in Iuka, Mississippi, a town in the far northeast corner of the state that I was acquainted with before. Five months earlier, I was on a U.S. state high point tour and visited Woodall Mountain, the Mississippi High Point.

A short ride lead me to ...

Alabama State Line

Eight states completed, two to go!

Highway 72 Alabama Once into Alabama, Highway 72's shoulder became rough. It had rocky, semi-sticky particles that made for a very bumpy ride. For miles I rode on the white line and kept watching the shoulder to see if it would improve. Eventually it did.
Natchez Trace Parkway The weather was overcast and cool much of the day, and then for a brief one hour period, the sun came out!

There I was approaching the Natchez Trace Parkway with Tuscumbia ahead.

Key West Inn, Alabama
Photo Above: After settling in, I thought I left my one spare pair of North Face pants in my motel in Walnut, MS, because I couldn't find them. Little did I know they were stuffed way at the bottom of one of my saddlebags, and somehow I missed it. Thus, I was resigned to venture outside for dinner in my cycling shorts.

(Not an exciting picture of me, but it was a lean picture-taking day and I had to take something.)

Tuscumbia, Alabama

By the late afternoon, gray clouds had taken over the sky. It was chilly and humid.

I checked in at the Key West Inn in Tuscumbia, an odd name for a motel chain considering I was in Alabama, but was a good place to stay. The owner and clerk at the front desk were very friendly and took interest in my ride.

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