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Day 41: Cedartown, GA to Newnan, GA

64 Miles - Cycling Through Northwest Georgia; Beautiful Homes in Newnan, Georgia - April 1, 2011

Cedartown, GA

Cedartown, Georgia

Leaving Cedartown, I came upon this sign at Zorba's Restaurant that had me thinking.

Northwest Georgia

Cloudy Day

Highway 1, traveling south toward Buchanan and Carrollton.

This morning would be the final stage of this vexing cold snap. It was so frustrating!

Subway Restaurant

Buchanan, Georgia

At 17 miles, I had to experience some warmth. At a Subway, I sat for 15 minutes and ate a bag of chips (compliments of Victoria Ring's gift card). Ahhh the great indoors.

Dead Armadillo One topic I haven't mentioned: I passed by a lot of roadkill over 41 days, and yes, sometimes the sights were gruesome, the awful smells beyond description.

I passed a number of dead armadillos in the South, and today I felt empowered to stop and photograph this critter. :o)

Carrollton, Georgia

Carrollton, Georgia

The roads in Carrollton seemed very congested. Cars and traffic everywhere ... New Jersey with southern accents! :o)

A beltway lead me out of Carrollton and onto Highway 16, which led to Newnan, GA in 23 miles. I figured it would be your typical rural southern highway with little shoulder. I was correct about the lack of shoulder, but was wrong about the traffic volume. This area is a bustling suburban region of Atlanta. Large amounts of cars were constantly passing me, and not necessarily what you might expect in the South (tractor-trailers, lumber trucks, old pick-up trucks). Instead, it was a plethora of mothers in minivans, teenagers driving home from school and expensive sports cars speeding ahead.

In Whitesburg, I asked a store clerk about the traffic, and he said this route is a shortcut that connects drivers from I-20 and I-85. Needless to say, I do not recommend this road if you're going across the country.

Ten more miles to Newnan.
Newnan, Georgia

Newnan, Georgia

When I first saw the sign, I thought "City of Homes" was an odd nickname ...

Newnan, GA

Newnan, GA Homes

Newnan, GA Home

Newnan, Georgia

... but as I approched the center of Newnan, I knew exactly why it was named that!

If you love old southern towns with historic homes and a vibrant town square, go to Newnan. The adjacent photos give you an idea! :)

South Georgia Finally things warmed in the late afternoon. I debated continuing beyond Newnan, but 64 miles was adequate and I chose to put more energy into tomorrow's ride.

I hope I don't sound too negative, but after staying at the very worst Days Inn near Interstate 85 in Newnan, I was fed up. I sent this text message to Kelley in south Georgia (Day 43). It still felt too crowded in Newnan and in fact, I was only 39 miles from Atlanta. How eager I was to leave the Atlanta suburbs for good tomorrow! :o)

NOTE: I invite you to read my book about my first trip in 2008.

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