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Day 43: Perry, GA to McRae, GA

64 Miles - Golden Isles Parkway; Southern Hospitality By Kelley in McRae, Georgia - April 3, 2011

Highway 341 Georgia Another sunny day.

The road was quiet and relaxed to Hawkinsville on this Sunday morning.

Powerade and Mentos

Hawkinsville, Georgia

At 22 miles, I bought a grape Powerade and strawberry Mentos.

Hawkinsville, Georgia In Hawkinsville, the road was seven highways at once. How about that? :)

Golden Isles Parkway

Somewhere on this route, I must confess the Dukes of Hazard Theme Song got stuck in my head. It felt like the kind of country where I'd expect to see the General Lee on the road! :)

Golden Isles Parkway, Georgia

Golden Isles Parkway

West of Eastman, U.S. Highway 341 officially became the Golden Isles Parkway. The "Golden Isles" are a group of barrier islands to the Atlantic Ocean that include St. Simons Island, Sea Island and Jekyll Island.

Do you see the ocean in the Golden Isles Parkway design? Oooooh. The ocean. I was coming closer to the end with each mile.

Golden Isles Parkway

Eastman, Georgia

The weather was warm; dare I say hot. In Eastman, I had a second rest at a Taco Bell and called Kelley in McRae to inform her of my status. It was only 21 more miles to McRae, where Kelley was expecting me and preparing dinner.

Spring Blooms Pretty spring blooms.
Chauncey, Georgia
The water tower in Chauncey.

Chauncey, Georgia

I called Kelley to update her and she gave directions to her house in McRae.
All in all, the Golden Isles Parkway (Highway 341) is a good choice for cross-country cyclists. However, I did face the quandary of three bike-unfriendly sections on the shoulder.

1) To the right of the rumble strip was a high concentration of rocks and gravel - enough that I could hear the constant noise of my wheels riding over them. The threat of a flat concerned me enough to avoid it.

2) The rumble strip caused too much vibration.

3) To the left of the rumble strip was a sizeable space, but a crack ran between the white line and rumble strip, creating just a thin slither of smooth pavement. I mainly stayed in this section, although I'd switch to other parts as it seemed prudent.

McRae, Georgia

McRae, Georgia

In the heart of McRae.

The directions to Kelley's house were simple ...

My Host - Kelley In McRae, Georgia
Kelley and Steve

Meet my host, Kelley Arnold. When I was planning my ride, Kelley made it clear she and her family would take care of me when I arrived in south Georgia. In fact, from this point on, I would not pay for lodging for the remainder of my tour. Kelley would host me on this Sunday, then I'd stay at her parents' home in Odum on Monday and Tuesday, and then I'd stay at a Red Roof Inn in Brunswick (courtesy of Dan's VIP passes) on Wednesday and Thursday night. I was so fortunate to get the royal treatment in south Georgia.

Let me also say I love south Georgia. It was hot. And flat. With less people. Much easier for cycling. Y'all know Arkansas and my Razorbacks come first, but south Georgia is another region of the South I could live in.


Kelley's Tour of McRae, Georgia

Although Kelley had been to Colorado once, I had never been to her little southern town. So she give me a tour of McRae! :)

McRae, GA City Hall

Statue of Libery Replica McRae, Georgia

TOP: City Hall.

SECOND ON LEFT: McRae has a replica of the Statue of Liberty that is 1/12 the size of the actual Statue of Liberty.

SECOND ON RIGHT: The McRae water tower.

McRae, GA Home One of many beautiful southern homes in town.

Spring Blooms

TOP: A massive azalea bush.

SECOND: Spring colors at the Little Ocmulgee State Park.

Lasagna and Cookies After our tour, it was dinner time. Kelley made lasagna and cookies with sweet tea. Thanks Kelley! :)

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