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Day 44: McRae, GA to Jesup, GA

74 Miles - Golden Isles Parkway; South Georgia Cycling; Lumber City, GA; Hazlehurst, GA; Jesup, GA - April 4, 2011

As Southern As Possible As southern as possible. That's what I looked at as I ate breakfast at Kelley's house.
Golden Isles Parkway Back on the Golden Isles Parkway and riding southeast toward St. Simons Island.
Lumber City, Georgia

Lumber City, Georgia

17 miles brought me to Lumber City. A local told me this small town once had a thriving lumber mill, but not anymore.

Nice woman behind the counter at the convenience store. I bought bottles of grape and tropical Gatorade, Fig Newtons and crackers.

River Crossing the Altamaha River.
Hazlehurst, GA

Hazlehurst, Georgia

Another break in Hazlehurst.

Logging Industry Near Baxley, I passed a massive lumber operation. From the road, I could see different phases of the operation: large piles of unrefined logs, a hauling system for moving the logs, and smooth wooden planks piled up.

I'd seen so many logging trucks since southeast Oklahoma, and it was interesting to get a glimpse of how the system works.

Golden Isles Parkway Beautiful blue sky. Thick greenery. Hot and humid. By now, the riding had become easy.

My road photos look very flat, and if there was any change in elevation, it was a slight descent toward sea level.

Golden Isles Parkway

Surrency, Georgia

A sign in Surrency. St. Simons Island is only a few miles beyond Brunswick. Ahhh the end was near.

Odum, Georgia

Odum, Georgia

Pretzel M&M's

Odum, Georgia

Originally I believed Odum would a good place to stop, for this evening I would stay with Kelley's parents, who live way in the country ... Odum being the nearest town. However, it was only 3:30 p.m., and Kelley couldn't shuttle me until 5:30 p.m. after her workday. Thus, it made sense to keep going to Jesup to get more miles in.

But I did take a few pictures of Odum. Looks like a quiet southern town.

At the Odum Grocery Store, I had an unusual change of pace. No Powerade or Gatorade. Instead, I went with a Yoohoo chocolate milk and pretzel M&M's. :)

Golden Isles Parkway Approaching Jesup.
Bicycle Handle Bar


I wanted to be more creative with my photos, and so I snapped about 20 pictures from different angles of the handle bar, the bike and myself. These were the two best ones. :)
Jesup, Georgia

Jones Cream Soda

Steve and Kelley

Jesup, Georgia

In Jesup, I waited at a convenience store and drank a cream soda-flavored Jones Soda. Notice the label had a person riding a bicycle! :)

74 miles today. Only 40-something miles remained.

In time, Kelley arrived, drove me to her parents' house, and we watched Connecticut defeat Butler in the NCAA basketball championship. That's a nice and happy shot of us, isn't it? :)

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