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Day 45: Rest Day In Odum, Georgia

0 Miles - Overnight Tornado Threat and Rain; Spent Lazy Day With Arnold Family In Odum, Georgia - April 5, 2011

The Arnold Family In South Georgia
Arnold Family

Meet the Arnold family. There's Kelley wearing black with red hair in the back, and surrounding her are her parents and many of her siblings. Mr. and Mrs. Arnold had three biological kids who are all adult age, and over the years they've either adopted or have become the guardians of 14 other children. This photo only shows some of the kids in the family.

It was definitely an experience to stay at the Arnold residence: Kids all over the house, sometimes noisy, but often kind and helpful. Just kids being kids. Being with them was refreshing.

As for today, I didn't ride. A fierce rainstorm came through overnight with a tornado watch in Georgia, South Carolina and North Carolina. Sadly, the nearest tornadic activity happened in Dodge County, in which photos can be seen here. At least one person died, according to the morning news. Kelley asked, "Did you hear all that thunder last night?" Apparently it had woken up the family, but not me. I slept through it all! :)

Directly below are two YouTube videos from others who captured the intense rain and thunder ...

Rain and lighting at someone's house.

What a lighting strike!

The power went out overnight and stayed off for ten hours. At 8 a.m., I opted to sleep more with it drizzling, but soon the rain had stopped. Although chilly, the weather warmed by midday. I suppose I could have asked Mrs. Arnold to shuttle me to Jesup (something she was willing to do), but it didn't feel right. I was so tired as it was, and I hadn't had a rest day since Tennessee. And so on this Day 45, I did practically nothing.

Again, special thanks to the Arnold family for hosting me.

Beautiful Lake
Extra Photos

A peaceful lake behind their home.

Horse They have horses and chickens on their land! :)
French Toast and Grits Mrs. Arnold made me french toast and gritz for a late breakfast. Mmmmm!
Kelley and Mom Kelley and her mama in the kitchen.

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