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Day 8: Rest Day In Phoenix, Arizona

0 miles - Slept In, Landis Cyclery, Gathering With Phoenix Friends, Mike & Jo's Cadillacs - February 27, 2011

Hotel TV

Rest Day

Before I started my tour, I told my many Phoenix friends that I estimated Sunday (2/27) would be ideal to have a rest day and meet. So glad I was on schedule!

Besides having breakfast in the hotel restaurant, much of my morning was spent lying in bed and watching TV. Ahhhh, my body "soaked it up." :)

19th Avenue and Dunlap - Phoenix, Arizona
19th & Dunlap

Phil arrived at the hotel at 12:30 p.m. and en route to a bicycle shop, we stopped at the intersection of 19th Avenue and Dunlap. Talk about reliving the past! This was the fateful site of my stolen bike on my first cross-country ride three years ago.

A brief synopsis: I locked the bike in front of the Taco Bell and ate with the bike in view. Then I biked the short distance to the CVS, locked it in front of the main entrance, and went inside to buy stuff. I came back out, unlocked my bike, looked at my maps and was on the verge of cycling when I thought, "I should go to the bathroom one last time just to be on the safe side." I relocked the bike in front the CVS, and walked over to the Taco Bell. My bathroom visit was a "false alarm"; I didn't need to go. I may have been gone for about five minutes at most. Upon returning to CVS, my bike was gone.

On this day, Phil offered to pull into the parking lot so I could take pictures and reminisce. I am, after all, working on a book about my first ride and perhaps it would be helpful to see the site firsthand. But then I thought it wasn't necessary. It was all in the past now.

Landis Cyclery

Landis Cyclery

Before we met friends at the Arcadia Tavern, Phil helped me do one chore: Visit a bicycle shop and buy two more inner tubes. One nearby bike shop was closed on Sunday.

Then, based on my experience three years ago, I remembered Landis Cyclery on West Indian School Road was open on Sundays! It wasn't too far of a drive ...

Bicycle Shop ... My goodness, so much has been "memory lane" in Arizona!

All of the same employees I remembered last time were working away on this Sunday. There is the main guy, who I believe is the manager. A bike mechanic who once lived in Colorado. The guy who spoke at length with me and helped me chose the right bike to buy. Amazingly, all of them remembered me. The manager even recalled the type of bike he sold me, a Trek 1.2 that I'm still using.

Honestly folks, this is the very best bicycle shop I've ever been to. If I lived in Phoenix, they would take care of all of my cycling needs.

Their website: www.landiscyclery.com.

Facebook page: www.facebook.com/landiscyclery
(I'm certainly a fan.)

Bicycle Shop I bought my inner tubes, then looked at their marvelous merchandise.

Phil focused on their selection of beach cruisers. He has even talked about maybe biking across America himself someday. How amazing would that be?!

Arizona Cycling Jersey Cycling Jersey Neat story: Landis Cyclery is one of the few bike shops that carries reasonably priced gear. Among their racks of clothing, I found this snazzy Arizona style jersey (left) at an affordable price. Truly though, I was on a budget. I held up the jersey and told the guy behind the counter, "You're a great bike shop to sell things like this. I'd buy this if I wasn't biking across America and on a budget."

"What's your shirt size?" he quickly asked, and I told him. He went in a back room, and within minutes came back out and tossed me the shirt in the right photo. A free cycling jersey? Wow.

Afternoon With Friends At Arcadia Tavern - Phoenix, Arizona
Tweet Up

The biggest highlight of the day happened right here. A number of old and new friends, whom I've met in various capacities, met me at Arcadia Tavern in Phoenix. I was so fortunate to have many supportive people of me in this city. To be honest, my only complaint is I wished all these great people weren't so concentrated in one place and were spread out along my route! :)

Pictured on the left side: Mike, me, Tricia, Phil and Beth.
Pictured on the right side: Jo, Michelle, Ben (face is hidden), Jessica (totally hidden behind Ben).

Ben Simo and Daughter
Extra Photos at Arcadia Tavern

I had to include a better shot of Ben and his teenage daughter, Jessica. I originally met Ben on Twitter and met him once in person in my town of Buena Vista, Colorado. At that time, he made a video of the scenic 19-mile drive from Buena Vista to Cottonwood Pass. Since then, he and his family moved from Colorado Springs to Phoenix for a better job opportunity.

Jessica initially gave us a "teenage attitude" as though she didn't want to be there, but she warmed up to us. :)

I had to kiss Michelle ... on the cheek, of course.

Michelle is known as "Arizona Blue Eyes" on Twitter. Last year, she generously bought and sent me an Arizona wall calendar. After that kind gesture, I vowed I would give her a big smooch if I met her in person. I kept my word. :)

Cookie Sundae An amazing cookie sundae. Talk about no food morals! :)

Mike and Jo's 1964 Cadillacs
After our meeting, Mike and Jo drove me to their home in Mesa to show me five of their six 1964 Cadillacs.
These good people live part-time in Colorado, and we originally met at a local car show. We hit it off once they learned that I also own a 1964 Cadillac (my video).

1964 Cadillac
Two convertibles.
1964 Cadillac
A Fleetwood with the designer roof.
1964 Cadillac Parts Car
A parts vehicle.

A beautiful mauve Cadillac in need of some TLC.

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